Current Activities

  • Provide facilities for ageing people to meet weekly; get support and counseling
  • To carry out workshops to educate women on women’s issues and health related subjects.
  • Home visits to those unable to attend Karika due to illness
  • Feeding programme every Saturday for up to 40 orphans/vulnerable children and ageing people
  • Lobbying the government on issues facing the ageing in order to improve their quality of life
  • Organise day trips/activities

Income generating activities include:

  • Jewellery making
  • Weaving
  • Dress-making
  • Soap production
  • Briquettes

Short Term Goals

  • Create income generating activities for the women
  • Continue the feeding programme for the children and possibly extend to twice weekly
  • Provide clothes to the children and ageing people
  • To grow vegetables to sell at the market
  • To assist older people to access health services
  • To provide legal aid to the ageing people
  • Initiate social justice and good governance
  • To provide medical assistance

Long Term Goals

  • To provide better housing
  • To provide a Community Centre where they can work to remain self sufficient and non dependant
  • To develop sustainable projects /IGA which will keep the project running
  • To raise awareness and improve conditions for the ageing population in Kenya
  • Have a bus/transport