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Their number being projected to double to 1.5 billion in 2050, an increase from the previous 703 million in 2019, old people in the world, specifically in Africa and most especially Kenya are equally putting extra efforts to see this statistic come true.
This age comes with changes in mortality risks, health status, type and level of activity, productivity and other socio-economic characteristics. But wait!! Who is an old person?
According to United Nations, an old person is anybody aged 60 and above. Therefore, anybody aged 60 plus is an old person, however the difference comes in on the stages of old age, we have the early and advanced old age.
Organizations such as Help Age International, KARIKA and others have been on the frontline in fighting for rights of the aged both internationally and locally. But the big question remains,

Why do we need to fight for the rights of the aged?

Because they are the ones who tirelessly took part and or even fought for the freedom of our country.

They are the custodians of wisdom and carry a lot of our heritage

Therefore, can the narrative be changed? Can we take heed in the enriched thoughts of the elderly? It is about time the elderly get to be treated right, it is that time to fetch wisdom from these wells of wittiness.
Come to think of it, how would the moral of our young boys and girls be if we still had the sweet story times with our grandparents? How would the world be if everyone respected the elderly?

Older people are typically among the poorest and most neglected. The pull of urban centers like Nairobi means many older people are left alone in rural areas, often feeding and raising their grandchildren and trying to eke out a living farming their land. Only four in 100 people in Kenya have paid into a pension scheme in formal employment. This leaves the vast majority without a sufficient and reliable income in their later years.

Together let us strive to help these older women and men overcome poverty and lead healthy, secure and dignified lives.