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Many will keep on asking questions about different ways to save the fragile generation, the older persons. Have we ever asked ourselves on why we should save the older persons? Mr. Elijah Mwegah The CEO and founder of Karika has always said ” Older persons are caregiver,friends,mothers,fathers,doctors and teachers whose their support and contributions to the society is uncountable”

The current society has continued sidelining the aged, let’s just close our eyes and imagine living in the society where there are no older persons? Who will help us save our marriages, our conflicts, our leaders , our generation and our country?

The government on the other side has been playing a rat and cat games when it comes to facilitating the pension cash transfer, it does not pay them on time, some will go for like 5-6 months without the pay. The roles of activists who should put the government on its toes, criticize any vice have now been forgotten. Allow me extend my hand of gratitude to  KarikaCbo for extra-ordinary efforts of supporting the older generation. This has created an ample environment to the older ones. We are however, calling upon all other stake holders to come in and offer  services to older persons.

I will firmly stand my grounds on the roles of older persons, anyone who disrespects the aged is only serving the curse.