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Today we Celebrate our milestone, 10yrs ago Karika was just a Name but today many are able to give testimonies about our services, our support and  our role in the society. We all believe that every older person deserves love, care and support, this is why karika still exists.

We thank the government of kenya for always supporting our agendas by providing security and other services that we cannot mention. The media has also played an important role here by providing both live and recorded coverage in all the events we have had here, this has helped karika grow rapidly and build a conducive environment fpr older Persons.

We cannot fail to mention  Helpage International Organization that has always been their to offer any support.

Our CEO and Founder Mr.Elijah Mwega has continued  scaling the heights of excellence after being awarded by The NATIONAL GENDER AND EQUALITY COMMISSION for Presenting theexemplary Services in Promoting Equality And Inclusion Of special Interests Groups Award.